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The most comfortable Adirondack chair you will ever find! This is a special design with a curved back and curved seat that makes it hard to believe you’re sitting in a wooden chair. And even with these super comfortable curves, the chair still makes efficient use of materials. For my chairs I use 5/4 CVG (clear vertical grain) western red cedar which always creates a beautiful finished product that is rock solid because I’m able to get a 1″ finished thickness on the material. The chair is fastened together with 2″ stainless steel screws and 2.5″ carriage bolts. It takes roughly 30′ total of 5/4×8 material for a single chair, but if you’re really on your game and making a number of chairs you can get that down to 25′ per chair. Final dimensions of the chair are 2’11” tall, 2’10” wide, and 3’2″ deep.

MakerBITz Templates include everything you need to make one, or batch out as many as you’d like. They are made from 1/4″ premium Baltic Birch plywood – And are precision CNC milled.  Use it as a pencil template or use as a router guide, it’s all up to your creativity.

An instruction PDF is put together and included with every template set. It will give you the instructions you need to make these amazing chairs as easily as possible. 

Need the legrest, too? Just select that when you add the MakerBITz Templates to your cart.

Watch this quick video to see how the leg template gets put together:


I’m having a hard time finding CVG grade western red cedar, where do I find it? It obviously depends on where you’re located, but I’ve found the best source around DC by far to be Hicksville Planing Mill in Clear Springs, MD and then Vienna Hardwoods in VA. While I was in New England, my source was Downes & Reader Hardwood in Stoughton. It just takes some calling around to find the right place, especially when looking for clear grade cedar. Start first by googling “hardwood dealers” near you and you’ll find a lot of them will have it, but if they don’t they will know who does (the lumber world is a small world).

CVG grade western red cedar that you recommend in the plans is really expensive, do you recommend any alternatives? The clear grade cedar has gotten stupid expensive here recently. I’d recommend looking into STK grade western red cedar (select tight knot), I’ve actually had some trouble finding the premium CVG grade stuff recently and the STK is half or even a third of the price. The CVG definitely visually looks the best, but with STK you can just position the pattern to cut around all of the worst knots. Besides cedar, cypress is a good alternative that is still fairly weather resistant, although it’s not as good looking as cedar.

You recommend 1″ for the final thickness of the material, can I get away with using only 3/4″ thick boards? Making the chairs from 1″ nominal (3/4” thick) stock is definitely doable and will probably hold up fine but I much prefer the true 1″ thick material for a robust chair that will last forever. 3/4″ won’t be as strong but should be fine if you can avoid any really bad knots in the material that you choose. I’ve made some with rough sawn 4/4 that I could plane down and get ~7/8″ out of and those were still good but I personally wouldn’t go thinner than that. Some slight modifications will need to be made in the design to accommodate thinner material including changing the notch in the main leg so it’s only as thick as your material and moving the top back support down slightly to compensate for the difference between it and the top of the back legs where you fasten it in place.



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12 reviews for Paul Jackman’s Adirondack Chair Professional Templates

  1. Matt Lane (verified owner)

    I just ordered the templates and didn’t receive 10% off “automatically at checkout” as denoted on the order page. Please help.

    • makerbitz

      Hey Matt – The listed price is already taking the discount into consideration! Thank you for your order. – Joel @ MakerBITz

  2. Mark

    Hi I brought a set of Paul Jackman’s Adirondack chair plains on Tuesday.

  3. mark

    The site needs to be fixed, NH doesn’t have a sales tax but the ordering system was adding one.

    • makerbitz

      Hey Mark – MakerBITz is a Georgia based company. You are paying Georgia State Sales Tax as required by Georgia Department of Revenue. You’ll find most companies are now collecting sales tax as required by a number of new laws and rulings. Sorry to disappoint!

  4. Hal Wells

    I have tried several times to order the Adirondack, with leg rest, template, to no avail. Help?!?

    • makerbitz

      Hey Hal – What seems to be the hangup?

  5. VAUGHN FORAKER (verified owner)

    Step 1 order templates. Step 2 make the chairs (this winter). Step 3 save hundreds maybe thousands . These things are so expensive to buy.

  6. Antwan (verified owner)

    Just got my order and am very impressed!!!!

  7. Jim Robbins

    Very impressed! I was unsure because of the cost but the fact is that these will last me dozens if not hundreds of chairs. I plan to make them for family members and I already have customers asking me for them for next summer. These will save me so much time. A+! Thank you Paul!

  8. Gene Johnson (verified owner)

    templates came in the mail yesterday and look great.

  9. Mark Schnell (verified owner)

    These templates are very impressive. The quality of the plywood is great!

  10. David Baldwin (verified owner)

    I received my templates in under two weeks here in Australia, well done. However I can’t access the PDF plans as your system won’t recognise my email address?

    • makerbitz

      No problem! I emailed you the plans, David. You’re all set.

  11. Joe

    takes roughly 30′ total of 5/4×8 material for a single chair, but if you’re really on your game and making a number of chairs you can get that down to 25

    Not quite sure of the amount of wood needed. 5/4×8?

  12. billdit (verified owner)

    Ordered template for the chair and the “footrest” … billed for both… received the chair templates only… on your site it says “order complete”… can not get in touch with you … your site” does not work… please respond!

    • makerbitz

      Hey Bill – The email is We’ve already sent you a message, however, you can respond to that. And no worries, I’m sure we can get you all fixed up. – BITz Team

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